8 Best Neighborhoods To Live In LA!

When making the choice of where to move to in the big city of Los Angeles, you might be having a tough time getting your priorities straight as having it all in LA often comes with a serious price tag. You need to focus on finding a living space somewhere near your work, since commute times can affect your quality of life dramatically. However, it can be tough to find a neighborhood in Los Angeles that ticks all the boxes, as central neighborhoods aren’t cheap, and affordable neighborhoods might require you to have a lengthy daily commute. Thankfully, Los Angeles County sprawls for 4,751 miles, which means that there are a lot of options for you to choose from. This guide will help you find the perfect neighborhood for you, whether it is a walkable one you are looking for, one that is full of culture and amazing food, or one that simply offers affordable housing. You will soon realize just why everyone loves Los Angeles – it is truly the best place in the world.


Starting off with a classic, Hollywood might seem too cliché for the average person. However, the potential Hollywood offers its residents is simply unbeatable. When it comes to major employers and corporations, it is not that surprising that Hollywood is filled with them. Here, you can easily excel in your career and experience immense growth, as this is a neighborhood that is restless, chic and truly unique. Not every corner of Hollywood is shiny, rich and new. If you are looking for a living space to rent, you will be able to find a studio, or one-bedroom ranging from around $1,500 to $2,000. As this neighborhood never seems to sleep, you will love enjoying the abundant amenities and the large selection of things to do – and you couldn’t possibly ever get bored.


If you are searching for an amazing living space that offers an even better location, and a smaller price tag than average, you can stop your search right here as we have a winner. Alhambra is a Los Angeles neighborhood that offers amazingly low real estate prices, exquisite Chinese food and the perfect small-town vibe that most people are looking for. If you are a fan of the suburban lifestyle not many LA neighborhoods can offer today, you need to consider Alhambra. The easily walkable downtown area of Alhambra offers an abundance of coffee shops, restaurants, a movie theater and two tap rooms that span across Main Street. The food is authentic and almost too good to be true. The easy access to every other point in the city is another benefit of living in the amazing city of Alhambra.

El Segundo

A quaint neighborhood that offers a tight-knit community feel and access to the beach – El Segundo is truly one of a kind. Its recent rapid growth is attracting new residents left and right, which is why you should look into snatching a good deal while you still can. As it offers numerous public transit options for you to choose from, you won’t be having a tough time getting where you need to be. The best part of life in El Segundo is most probably its downtown. Also known as “Mayberry by the sea” the downtown district of this neighborhood is a popular hotspot packed with amenities and fun-inducing opportunities. You will love the family-oriented life El Segundo offers, which is why you should consider looking into it while the housing is still relatively affordable when compared to other neighborhoods that surround it.


If you need a central neighborhood to start calling home – it doesn’t get better than Mid-City. Not only will you have access to everything you could possibly need and more, but you will be able to move around Los Angeles like it is the easiest task in the world. It is quite easy to get around by car, but there are many more alternatives that can be less headache inducing – such as taking a bus or paying a visit to the Ballona Creek Trail on your bike. While the housing options are seemingly quite expensive, the location is well worth the buck. You will be able to find more affordable housing from time to time, so always keep an open eye if this is the potential neighborhood you will be calling home. While living in Mid-City, everything your heart desires will be at your fingertips.


If you want to live in Los Angeles, but don’t want to live in Los Angeles at the same time – we have you covered. When you want to get away from the famous hustle and bustle of LA, and find a community that actually does sleep at times, Tujunga is the place to call home. This bedroom community is considered to be a part of LA, but is conveniently nestled against the San Gabriel Mountains, featuring homes on the rolling hills. This hidden gem is tucked away from the buzzing city of LA, but is still near enough to be considered within commuting distance. Not only that – but this is one of the few neighborhoods of Los Angeles where you will be able to find a family home for a good deal, with the real estate price being lower than $700,000 more often than not.

North Hollywood

A short subway ride away from the Downtown district of Los Angeles, North Hollywood easily takes the win when it comes to laid-back neighborhoods. Amazingly different from the other Hollywood’s, North Hollywood is served by public transit that offers simple access to the city center and a short commute from everywhere you need to be. If you are looking for a neighborhood that is a convenient choice for you and your family, you will love the single-family homes, strip malls, major chain stores and surprisingly easy parking to be some of the best perks a neighborhood in Los Angeles can offer.

Alamitos Beach

Long Beach is a breath of fresh air when combing through the large selection of La neighborhoods, simply because it is totally different from every other beach town you have seen before. Living in the cute, beachside apartments and bungalows is more than a possibility, especially when looking for a home in Alamitos Beach. This Long Beach neighborhood offers reasonably priced housing, a quaint, family-oriented lifestyle and lots of walkable space for you to enjoy your day-to-day. As Alamitos Beach hugs the coast, its streets are lined with trees and the entire neighborhood itself is packed with local businesses, eateries, vintage stores and boutiques. If you want to live in a tranquil neighborhood that offers easy access to the city and an amazing, lively community – Alamitos Beach should be a neighborhood to take into consideration.


An affluent city conveniently located in the San Gabriel Valley, not only do we love Arcadia for obvious reasons, but it truly has so much to offer its residents. The center of wealth and one of the richest suburbs of Southern California, living in Arcadia means that you will have everything in the world just outside your front door. A fun fact – Arcadia is known for being the place of birth of McDonald’s. Located just 12 miles from Downtown LA, you will have no trouble commuting and experiencing both the bustle of the city and the quaint, suburban lifestyle every single day. A family-oriented community, Arcadia consists mostly of young families, students and established professionals. The tight-knit community feel you will be experiencing by calling Arcadia home – is simply unbeatable. If you are looking for a community with a friendly vibe and breathtaking landscape, you shouldn’t look further as you have found your winner.

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